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Take the guesswork out of your brand’s influence

Track all the keywords, sentiments, and influencers related to your brand. Get all the information you need to help your brand stay on top of social media.

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Brand Monitoring & Sentiment Analysis

Monitor brand keywords and find out how people feel about your brand.

Don’t get left behind. Keep up-to-date on topics that matter to your brand by tracking keywords and hashtags.

Competitor Intelligence

See how you measure against your competitors

Learn from your competitors and compare profiles to see how they’re doing on social media.

Influencer Tracking

Find influencers in any niche

Stop asking around when you need influencers for a campaign. Use our tool to find top influencers that speak on topics in your niche.

Track your brand on Crowdero with more features

Multi-language analysis for over 30 languages

Thousands of posts analyzed in minutes

Get detailed reports in real-time and in your email

🎉 Easy-to-use web app on any operating system

Crowdero tracks data insights from over 5 channels

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MediumComing soon

Keep your ear to the ground for your brand’s socials

Start getting real-time reporting of public sentiments and social media performance for your brand

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